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Standing Orders (Rules)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 2:02 pm Post subject: Standing Orders (Rules) Reply with quote

Rule 1 – Posting Etiquette: TABS is first and foremost an organization that will not tolerate any form of discriminatory remarks against any of its members, either posted or spoken at TABS' sponsored events. While there will be differences of opinion on many topics, we ask that all members be polite and civil at all times to fellow club members and not troll for flames nor flame anyone. Remember that in an effort to grow the boardgaming community, TABS also encourages families/younger members to join our group and so it is entirely possible that some posts while seemingly inoffensive to the poster and the intended recipient, may in fact be considered completely inappropriate for the younger members of the club who do have access to our Forums. To avoid creating an uncomfortable environment for our club members, the TSC expects that all club members will refrain from posting comments, images and links to sites that contain material that would be deemed as 'Offensive' to a reasonable person. Essentially, the content of any and all posts will be subject to a review when the content cannot be considered PG-13. Violators will be given appropriate warnings about their posted content and their posts may be edited or deleted at the sole discretion of the List Admin. Repeated violations can lead to the poster being banned from our site.

While TABS members do enjoy a lively debate on a range of topics, if you disagree with someone's post, say so in a constructive manner that fosters debate, not argument. We remind you that impoliteness will not be tolerated. If part of someone's post is deemed to be insulting or abusive to another club member, it may be deleted by the List Admin. While the meaning of the post will be retained, abuse or insults add nothing to civilized debate and so can be removed without affecting the post. Some may see this as censorship. While everyone has a right to their opinions, it doesn't change this policy; civilised behaviour between members is valued more highly.

Rule 2 - Board Purpose: Not withstanding Rule 1, the focus of this board is to encourage wargaming/boardgaming in the Toronto area. If you wish to discuss something other than this hobby, then put it in the forum called The Officers’ Mess. If you don't put it there, a Moderator will. See Rule 6 for information on advertising.

Rule 3 - Posting Tips:

(a) Try to use the different forums for their intended purpose. For example, if you wish to discuss using a different rules variant for Paths of Glory (a popular card-driven wargame), use the forum Field of Battle, not The Top Deck, the latter of which is specific to collectable card games. Moderators may sometimes move topics that they believe are not appropriate, or split topics that have drifted away from the original subject.

(b) Don't post the same message to multiple forums. This just annoys other members and wastes bandwidth. Most especially, don't create new topics which say something like "Go to the <blah> forum for a discussion on XYZ!". When a new topic is created, it is automatically put at the top of the forum index, and flagged so that everyone who logs in later will see there is a new topic to be read.

(c) Try to avoid "me too" posts. Though this isn't always possible try to at least add some value to the discussion other than "yeah, what he said".

(d) Members may only create polls in The Officers’ Mess. Only Administrators (not Moderators) can create them in other forums. If you believe a poll has a useful purpose for the TabsOnline community in general, or you can convince an Administrator that it's worth it, then they may -- completely at their own judgement -- create one for you in another forum. To contact an Administrator, use the private message function or email help@tabsonline.net.

Rule 4 - Topic Subjects: Not withstanding Rule 1, when you create a new topic, make certain your Subject line is descriptive of the topic. Don't do something like this:

Subject: Have you...
Body: ...tried using the 1917 variant for POG?

Whenever someone looks at the topic index of a forum, all they will see is "Have you...", which tells them nothing about the topic whatsoever. You may find your topic being renamed, maybe moved, or maybe even RE-moved (although this is unlikely unless you have broken one of the above rules, too).

Rule 5 - Questions: Keep it fun for everyone. Don't assume that you are the first person to ever ask a question. Read through the other topics in the forums and please use the forum's Search function to look through the rest of the forums on the web site. The database behind this web site is designed to allow for very rapid searching. By all means make use of it.

Rule 6 - Advertising: Not withstanding Rule 1, advertising in the form of corporate sponsorship will be permitted by agreement between the TABS Administration and each corporate sponsor. Currently such advertising will be limited to a single banner link to an agreed upon corporate site from the main TabsOnline page. For more details see the forum: Help and Support -> Sponsorship of TABS. We've setup a special forum called The Bargain Bin for the purpose of discussing sales and announcements by gaming businesses. There is also a specific forum to assist those wishing advertise their own games "For Sale" or "Wanted". For further information, email help@tabsonline.net.

Rule 7 – File and Picture Submission: Not withstanding Rule 1, TabsOnline will maintain a dedicated database of useful files pertaining to the wargaming/boardgaming hobby that can be accessed from the main page through the Files link. If you feel you would like to contribute a file for submission then you will need to contact the site Admin at help@tabsonline.net and provide an outline of what the file is and an attached copy of that file for review. If approved, the site Admin will post it accordingly. At any time the Administrator reserves the right to delete any of the stored files. Pictures of TABS sponsored or related events can be accessed through the Gallery link from the main page. Members will be able to submit their own pictures up to 500 kb in size in a specific gallery folder setup for members’ photos. Any pictures have to be related to the hobby as noted above and cannot be of questionable taste. If deemed offensive then the site admin will remove these pictures and depending on the nature of the material and the possible motive for posting it the site admin will take necessary actions in regards to the poster including: a warning against further such behaviour, restriction of rights to further submit pictures and possible ban from the site.

Rule 8 - Avatars: Not withstanding Rule 1, the use of an avatar by members is encouraged, but there are some restrictions. Please remember that people may be reading the TabsOnline forum at work or at home with their families. Do not select an avatar that might offend co-workers, bosses, spouses or children. Please select a harmless, innocuous or innocent avatar. The best method is to consider whether your grandmother would be offended by your avatar; if the answer is yes, then don't use it. The size limits on avatars are dimensions of 100x100 pixels, and a file size of 10KB.
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